Work Work Work,,,,,

Work Work Work,,,,,

Wow what a busy month August was, and September is looking just as busy,

Just to be very clear I am NOT complaining, I love to keep busy in people gardens, measuring them, designing them, planting in them – I love it all, and this summer has been especially kind too.  This summer has made us all remember just how wonderful the UK is in the summer and how fulfilling it is to just stay home when its good weather and enjoy your own space in the sunshine, it really is bliss!


So to sum up August, firstly I thought I might have a holiday to get over Hampton Court Flower Show  but that didn’t actually happen until the last week, and that was spent decorating and installing a new wood burner into the boat – we had great fun and great weather too!


Other projects have been moving on too, the garden in Guildford is now complete,well almost,  and the new owners are very pleased indeed,

A few things were changed along the way due to clients personal preference, this often happens and is nice for the client to be involved at each stage,




Now all it needs is the furniture , a few cushions and the plants to grow and this will be a perfect private haven for the young working couple,

Other exciting projects coming up,

-Woodland garden in West Malling,

-Pool garden in Kingshill,

-Roof terrace in Purley,

-Large family garden in Weald,

-Front and Back garden design in New Malden,

-Coastal garden in Kingsdown,

-Coastal garden in Jeddah!

Ill keep you posted, I promise!