‘BUG FREE’ -Well my computer anyway!

Yes , bugs arnt a problem normally in the winter months, within a garden, however i was left many nasty messages on my blog that were just spam links and my blog couldn’t cope, but i have all new super dooper firewalls that will prevent this intrution from happening again,

fingers crossed anyway,


So what have i been doing whilst iv been unable to blog,

Well iv been working on two separate private gardens in Rurual Kent, Finishing of planting plans for clients that have had their garden built over the winter months and taken on two new design projects, so iv been busy!

But best of all iv spent lots of time with my gorgeous baby nephew – now 7 months old!! He’s just the best!


I look forward to using this blog as an online diary to show you what i am unto on a weekly basis,

Hope you enjoy the blog,